Outdoor Warm Clothing Heated For Riding Skiing Fishing Charging Via Heated Coat

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Outdoor Warm Clothing Heated For Riding Skiing Fishing Charging Via Heated Coat

Product Features:

  • 1. Facial improvement and body shaping: it activates various functions between the skin and promotes metabolism.

  • 2. Heated body and blood circulation: It warms the human body, consumes excess heat, increases blood oxygen and fluidity.

  • 3. Restoration of vitality: it provides a deeper adjustment of physiological functions in order to avoid sub-health and restore vitality.

  • 4. relief of pain: it can improve the microcirculation of the body, dredge and activate the meridians, eliminate local pain and inflammation.

Instructions for use:

  • 1. The Cotton Coat is equipped with a built-in usb port for connecting the power bank.

  • 2. Power switch-long press the switch for 3-5 seconds.

  • 3. red light flashes — automatic heating

  • 4. red light-manual heating, high temperature

  • 5. white light-average temperature

  • 6. blue light-low temperature

  • List of goods: Cotton Coat x 1

Precautionary measures:

  • Always connect it to a power source when heated.

  • The power supply is not included in the product.

  • Size US UK Eu Length Bust Shoulder Width Sleeve Length
    L 8 16 38 64CM/25.20'' 100CM/39.4'' 42.8CM/16.86'' 62.5CM/24.60''
    XL 10 18 40 66CM/25.98'' 104CM/40.94'' 44CM/17.4'' 64CM/25.19''
    XXL 12 20 42 68CM/26.77'' 108CM/42.51'' 45.2CM/17.79'' 65.5CM/25.78''
    XXXL 14 22 44 70CM/27.55'' 112CM/44.10'' 46.4CM/18.27'' 67CM/26.37''
    XXXXL 16 24 46 72CM/28.34'' 116CM43.10'' 47.6CM/18.74'' 68.5CM/26.77''

    Size:L US:8 UK:16 Eu:38 Length:64CM/25.20'' Bust:100CM/39.4'' Shoulder Width:42.8CM/16.86'' Sleeve Length:62.5CM/24.60''
    Size:XL US:10 UK:18 Eu:40 Length:66CM/25.98'' Bust:104CM/40.94'' Shoulder Width:44CM/17.4'' Sleeve Length:64CM/25.19''
    Size:XXL US:12 UK:20 Eu:42 Length:68CM/26.77'' Bust:108CM/42.51'' Shoulder Width:45.2CM/17.79'' Sleeve Length:65.5CM/25.78''
    Size:XXXL US:14 UK:22 Eu:44 Length:70CM/27.55'' Bust:112CM/44.10'' Shoulder Width:46.4CM/18.27'' Sleeve Length:67CM/26.37''
    Size:XXXXL US:16 UK:24 Eu:46 Length:72CM/28.34'' Bust:116CM43.10'' Shoulder Width:47.6CM/18.74'' Sleeve Length:68.5CM/26.77''