Powstro Phone Lens Kit 0.45X Wide Angle + 12.5X Macro Lens Clip-on Cellphone Camera Without Dark Corner For All Phone

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2 in 1 design : Super wide 0.45X wide angle lens+12.5X macro lens, with the 0.45X wide angle lens, broaden a wider vision, perfect for taking pictures of larger ranges, especially ideal for group shots , which can hold a large group of people in one photograph perfectly, no dark corners.

It is designed with a single-lens convex structure, multi-layer coating, sharp image and clear picture,

the lens is made of aero-grade aluminum and German imported optical glass, the surface oxidation of multi - channel process surface is stable and the protective lens has more texture.

The macro lens is great for taking picture of a tiny object in detail, ideal for taking flowers, grass, coins, Insects, etc. With it, the whole world scenery, taken in your cell phone, a high quality cell phone camera lens, makes good memories to be continued.

Universal using: Suitable for most smartphone, ipad, tablet with diameter of camera is smaller or equal to 13mm

Incomparable quality: unique camera lens appearance makes it stylish and sleek, soft rubber clip is easy to adjust and won't leave any scratches or marks on your mobile device.

Instructions: Wide angle lens and macro lens are screwed together, to use macro lens, you need to separate the two lens by unscrewing, then, keeping 1-2 cm distance from the object, you will get more crisp clear pictures, and to use wide angle lens, you must leave the two lens screwed.


Type: Phone camera lens

Material:Acrylic lens / aluminum alloy / ABS

Quantity: 1pc

Color: Black

Compatible with: Most smartphone, ipad, tablet

Remove direction: Spin the split counterclockwise

Lens size: Wide angle lens: 5.2*1.7cm / 2.1*0.7"(D*H)

Macro lens: 4.1*1.3cm / 1.6*0.5"  ( D*H)

Clip size 6.2*4.2*2.6cm / 2.4*1.6*1.1"(L*W*H)

Clip open width: Max 3cm / 1.2"

Net Weight: 0.083kg / 5.9oz


1*0.45X HD wide angle lens

1*12.5X Macro lens

1*Universal clip

1*Top lens cover

1*Bottom lens cover

1*Packing leather bag

1*Package box